Discovering New Jersey Wineries
By Kevin Atticks
Resonant Publishing, 2000
Discovering New Jersey Wineries is the third in the series of Discovering Wineries’ Guides by author Kevin Atticks (see also Maryland and Lake Erie). New Jersey’s long standing history of viticulture and its impressive selection of modern day wineries offer a rich experience to any wine enthusiast. Every wine lover should find a spot in their library for this essential guide to the up-and-coming wineries of the Garden State and this book is the key to uncovering the vinous treasures produced here.

From the sandy shores of Cape May to the rolling mountains of Belvidere in the state’s north, Discovering New Jersey Wineries directs you to each of the distinct wineries while taking you through some of this state's most amazing scenery.

Maintaining the standard set by the previous books, this informative guide also includes detailed maps, recommendations for wine country accommodations and dining, as well as recipes from wineries and regional chefs for readers to try with the award winning wines they bring home from their discovery of New Jersey wineries.