Appellation: Livermore Valley
Varietal: Chardonnay

  Profile #1
Generous, Fruity Style
Profile #2
Full-Blown Oaky Style
Profile #3
Complex, Generous Style
Appearance Pale straw. Straw-gold. Straw-gold.
Aroma Bright pear, honey, fusil, lemon curd. Malt, quince, pear, lemon meringue and molasses, cinnamon and toast. A great deal of depth. Lavendar, honeysuckle, pear,lemon wax and tangerine high notes with base notes of licorice, brown sugar, and toast.
Flavor Oily texture and rich but light citrus and fresh apple flavors. Butterscotch, toffee and marmalade flavors. Deep, full dark flavors of toffee, quince, Meyer lemon, and honey.
Balance Very lush and a little sweet. Soft acidity, rich body. Good acidity.
Oenological Little or no wood influence. May retard malolactic partially or completely. Some residual sugar. Full malolactic, high portion of new oak barels or alternatives. Use of oak is restrained and well integrated.
Viticultural Wente clone (muscat-like aromatic notes). Generally Wente clone is planted, with a muscat-like fruitiness. Wente clone. Selective picking for ripe but not overripe fruit.
Terroir Vineyards cooled by daily ocean breezes pulled through the Valley floor by hot air rising in the Jan Joaquin Valley. Valley floor is cooled by daily ocean breezes pulled through the region on the way to replacing hot rising air in the San Joaquin. Valley floor is cooled daily by ocean breezes on their way to replace hot rising air in the San Joaquin.