Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards
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Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards wine list

Quoted prices are retail at winery and subject to change.


2007 Pinot Grigio   (Central Coast)
(Pinot Gris | Grigio)    750ml $14.95
2005 Chardonnay Reserve   (San Luis Obispo County)
(Chardonnay 100%)    750ml $14.95
2005 Gewurztraminer Reserve   (Paso Robles)
(Gewurztraminer)    750ml $14.95
2005 Viognier   (South Coast)
(Viognier 100%)    750ml $22.00
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2007 Sangiovese   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Sangiovese)    750ml $18.50
2005 Pride of Cucamonga Cinq Vignobles   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Alicante Bouschet 35%, Syrah | Shiraz 31%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%, Petite Sirah 14%, Zinfandel 5%)    750ml $17.95
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2005 Pride of Cucamonga Grenache Noir  Estate  (Cucamonga Valley)
(Grenache 100%)    750ml $17.95
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2004 Cabernet Franc Artist Series Reserve  Hippard Ranch Etiwanda  (Cucamonga Valley)
(Cabernet Franc 100%)    750ml $28.00
2004 Deux Mondes Reserve   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon 41%, Cabernet Franc 3%, Syrah | Shiraz 9%, Petite Sirah 11%, Merlot 29%, Zinfandel 3%)    750ml $65.00
2004 Merlot Artist Series Reserve   (Paso Robles)
(Merlot)    750ml $16.95
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2004 Zinfandel Artist Series Reserve   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Zinfandel 100%)    750ml $14.95
2003 Cabernet Franc Artist Series Reserve  Hippard Ranch Etiwanda  (Cucamonga Valley)
(Cabernet Franc 100%)    750ml $28.00
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2002 Mourvedre Library Reserve   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Mourvedre | Mataro)    750ml $22.00

2007 SEC Rose' of Grenache   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Grenache 90%, Mourvedre | Mataro 10%)    750ml $9.95
2005 White Mourvedre   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Mourvedre | Mataro 100%)    750ml $12.95

NV Alicante Bouschet Port   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Alicante Bouschet 100%)    500ml $18.00
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NV Angelica Elena   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Mission, Chasselas, Palomino)    500ml $16.00
NV Creme de la Creme   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Palomino, Mission, Grenache, Pedro Ximenes)    500ml $14.00
NV Fondante Ciello Chocolate Port   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Grenache, Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet)    500ml $18.00
NV Oloroso Sherry Dry   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Palomino, Mission, Pedro Ximenes)    500ml $24.00
NV Ruby-Ruby Port   (Cucamonga Valley)
(Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet, Grenache)    500ml $12.00

Contact Information

12467 Base Line Road
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
(909) 899-5755