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Varietal Character

Ms. Bianca, your body is taut and personality vivacious. You will soon have cool climate vignerons foregoing their Sauvignon Blanc fantasies and enjoying your company. A date that is sure to lead to a long term relationship.

Appellations Growing Bianca Grapes

Appellations producing the most Bianca wines:

Bianca Grape Details

Bianca (aka Bianka, Egri Csillagok)

Bianca is a cold hardy Vitus Vinifera cross developed in Hungary, where it is also known as Bianka or Egri Csillagok. Bianca is gaining significant acreage in Eastern Europe. In North America, experimental plots of Bianca can be found as far south as New Mexico and as far north as Ontario. It is also being used commercially in Michigan and New York to make dry white wines with Sauvignon Blanc like characteristics.