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Appellation Index

Alaska Hawaii British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland Newfoundland Washington Oregon California Idaho Nevada Arizona New Mexico Texas Utah Colorado Wyoming Montana North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina Tennessee Kentucky Illinois Indiana Ohio West Virginia Virginia Maryland New Jersey Pennsylvania New York Delaware Connecticut Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Quebec Newfoundland PEI Nova Scotia New Brunswick Maine Quebec New Hampshire Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New York

Appellation List Index

Country:  US Canada

Alabama (State Appellation)Montana (State Appellation)
• Alaska (State Appellation)Monterey (AVA)
Alexander Valley (AVA)Monterey County (County Appellation)
Alexandria Lakes (AVA)Monticello (AVA)
Alta Mesa ~ Lodi (AVA)Moon Mountain District Sonoma County (AVA)
Altus (AVA)Mount Harlan (AVA)
Amador County (County Appellation)Mount Veeder ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
America (Country Appellation)Naches Heights (AVA)
Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley (AVA)Napa County (County Appellation)
Anderson Valley (AVA)Napa Valley (AVA)
Antelope Valley of the California High Desert (AVA)Nebraska (State Appellation)
Applegate Valley (AVA)Nevada (State Appellation)
Arizona (State Appellation)Nevada County (County Appellation)
Arkansas (State Appellation)New Hampshire (State Appellation)
Arkansas Mountain (AVA)New Jersey (State Appellation)
Arroyo Grande Valley (AVA)New Mexico (State Appellation)
Arroyo Seco (AVA)New York (State Appellation)
Atlas Peak ~ Napa Valley (AVA)• Niagara County (County Appellation)
Augusta (AVA)Niagara Escarpment (NY) (AVA)
Ballard Canyon (AVA)North Carolina (State Appellation)
Bell Mountain (AVA)North Coast (AVA)
Ben Lomond Mountain (AVA)North Dakota (State Appellation)
Benmore Valley (AVA)North Fork of Long Island (AVA)
Bennett Valley (AVA)North Fork of Roanoke (AVA)
Big Valley ~ Lake County (AVA)North Yuba (AVA)
Borden Ranch ~ Lodi (AVA)Northern Neck George Washington Birthplace (AVA)
Calaveras County (County Appellation)Northern Sonoma (AVA)
California (State Appellation)Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (AVA)
Calistoga (AVA)Oakville ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Capay Valley (AVA)Ohio (State Appellation)
Carmel Valley (AVA)Ohio River Valley (AVA)
Carneros ~ Los Carneros (AVA)Oklahoma (State Appellation)
Catoctin (AVA)Old Mission Peninsula (AVA)
Cayuga Lake (AVA)Orange County (County Appellation)
Central Coast (AVA)Oregon (State Appellation)
• Central Delaware Valley (AVA)Outer Coastal Plain (AVA)
Chalk Hill (AVA)Ozark Highlands (AVA)
Chalone (AVA)Ozark Mountain (AVA)
Chehalem Mountains  (AVA)Pacheco Pass (AVA)
Chiles Valley ~ Napa Valley (AVA)Paicines (AVA)
Cienega Valley (AVA)Paso Robles (AVA)
Clarksburg (AVA)Pennsylvania (State Appellation)
Clear Lake (AVA)Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak (AVA)
Clements Hills ~ Lodi (AVA)Placer County (County Appellation)
Cole Ranch (AVA)Polk County (County Appellation)
Colorado (State Appellation)Potter Valley (AVA)
Columbia Gorge (AVA)Puget Sound (AVA)
Columbia Valley (AVA)Ramona Valley (AVA)
Connecticut (State Appellation)Rattlesnake Hills (AVA)
Contra Costa County (County Appellation)Red Hill Douglas County (AVA)
Coombsville (AVA)Red Hills Lake County (AVA)
Cosumnes River ~ Lodi (AVA)Red Mountain (AVA)
Covelo (AVA)Redwood Valley (AVA)
Cucamonga Valley (AVA)Rhode Island (State Appellation)
Cumberland Valley (AVA)Ribbon Ridge (AVA)
Delaware (State Appellation)• Rio Grande Valley (AVA)
Diablo Grande (AVA)River Junction (AVA)
Diamond Mountain District ~ Napa Valley (AVA)Rockpile (AVA)
Dos Rios (AVA)Rocky Knob (AVA)
Dry Creek Valley (AVA)Rogue Valley (AVA)
Dundee Hills (AVA)Russian River Valley (AVA)
Dunnigan Hills (AVA)Rutherford ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Eagle Peak Mendocino County (AVA)Saddle Rock ~ Malibu (AVA)
Edna Valley (AVA)Salado Creek (AVA)
El Dorado (AVA)San Antonio Valley (AVA)
El Dorado County (County Appellation)San Benito (AVA)
Elkton Oregon (AVA)San Benito County (County Appellation)
Eola~Amity Hills (AVA)San Bernabe (AVA)
Escondido Valley (AVA)• San Diego County (County Appellation)
Fair Play (AVA)San Francisco Bay (AVA)
Fennville (AVA)San Joaquin County (County Appellation)
Fiddletown (AVA)San Lucas (AVA)
Finger Lakes (AVA)San Luis Obispo County (County Appellation)
Florida (State Appellation)San Pasqual Valley (AVA)
Fort Ross Seaview (AVA)San Ysidro District (AVA)
Fredricksburg in the Texas Hill Country (AVA)Santa Barbara County (County Appellation)
Fresno County (County Appellation)Santa Clara County (County Appellation)
Georgia (State Appellation)Santa Clara Valley (AVA)
• Grand River Valley (AVA)Santa Cruz County (County Appellation)
Grand Valley (AVA)Santa Cruz Mountains (AVA)
Green Valley of Russian River Valley (AVA)Santa Lucia Highlands (AVA)
Guenoc Valley (AVA)Santa Maria Valley (AVA)
Hames Valley (AVA)Santa Ynez Valley (AVA)
Hamptons Long Island (AVA)Seiad Valley (AVA)
Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara (AVA)Seneca Lake (AVA)
Haw River Valley (AVA)Shawnee Hills (AVA)
Hawaii (State Appellation)Shenandoah Valley (CA) (AVA)
Hermann (AVA)Shenandoah Valley (VA) (AVA)
High Valley (AVA)Sierra Foothills (AVA)
Hood River County (County Appellation)Sloughhouse ~ Lodi (AVA)
Horse Heaven Hills (AVA)Snake River Valley (AVA)
Howell Mountain ~ Napa Valley (AVA)Snipes Mountain (AVA)
Hudson River Region (AVA)Solano County (County Appellation)
Humboldt County (County Appellation)Solano County Green Valley (AVA)
Idaho (State Appellation)Sonoita (AVA)
Illinois (State Appellation)Sonoma Coast (AVA)
Indiana (State Appellation)Sonoma County (County Appellation)
Indiana Uplands (AVA)Sonoma Mountain (AVA)
• International (Country Appellation)Sonoma Valley (AVA)
Iowa (State Appellation)South Carolina (State Appellation)
Isle St. George (AVA)South Coast (AVA)
Jahant ~ Lodi (AVA)South Dakota (State Appellation)
• Jefferson County (County Appellation)Southeastern New England (AVA)
Kanawha River Valley (AVA)Southern Oregon (AVA)
Kansas (State Appellation)Spring Mountain District ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Kelsey Bench ~ Lake County (AVA)St. Helena ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Kentucky (State Appellation)Sta. Rita Hills (AVA)
Knights Valley (AVA)Stags Leap District ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Lake Chelan (AVA)• Stanislaus County (County Appellation)
Lake County (County Appellation)Suisun Valley (AVA)
Lake Erie (AVA)Swan Creek (AVA)
Lake Michigan Shore (AVA)Tehama County (Country Appellation)
Lake Wisconsin (AVA)Temecula Valley (AVA)
Lancaster Valley (AVA)Tennessee (State Appellation)
Leelanau Peninsula (AVA)Texas (State Appellation)
Lehigh Valley (AVA)Texas Davis Mountains (AVA)
Leona Valley (AVA)Texas High Plains (AVA)
Lime Kiln (AVA)Texas Hill Country (AVA)
Linganore (AVA)Texoma (AVA)
Livermore Valley (AVA)• The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater (AVA)
Lodi (AVA)Tracy Hills (AVA)
Long Island (AVA)• Trinity Lakes (AVA)
Loramie Creek (AVA)Umpqua Valley (AVA)
• Los Angeles County (County Appellation)Upper Hiwassee Highlands (AVA)
Louisiana (State Appellation)Upper Mississippi River Valley (AVA)
• Lubbock County (County Appellation)Utah (State Appellation)
• Lumpkin County (County Appellation)Vermont (State Appellation)
Madera (AVA)Virginia (State Appellation)
Maine (State Appellation)Virginia's Eastern Shore (AVA)
Malibu Coast (AVA)Wahluke Slope (AVA)
Malibu Newton Canyon (AVA)Walla Walla Valley (AVA)
Manton Valley (AVA)Warren Hills (AVA)
Marin County (County Appellation)Washington (State Appellation)
Mariposa County (County Appellation)• Washington County (County Appellation)
Martha's Vineyard (AVA)Wayne County (County Appellation)
Maryland (State Appellation)West Elks (AVA)
Massachusetts (State Appellation)West Virginia (State Appellation)
McDowell Valley (AVA)Western Connecticut Highlands (AVA)
McMinnville (AVA)Wild Horse Valley ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Mendocino (AVA)Willamette Valley (AVA)
Mendocino County (County Appellation)Willow Creek (AVA)
Mendocino Ridge (AVA)Wisconsin (State Appellation)
Merritt Island (AVA)Wisconsin Ledge (AVA)
Mesilla Valley (AVA)• Wyoming (State Appellation)
Michigan (State Appellation)Yadkin Valley (AVA)
Middle Rio Grande Valley (AVA)Yakima Valley (AVA)
Middleburg Virginia (AVA)Yamhill Carlton District (AVA)
Mimbres Valley (AVA)Yamhill County (County Appellation)
Minnesota (State Appellation)Yolo County (County Appellation)
Mississippi (State Appellation)York Mountain (AVA)
Mississippi Delta (AVA)Yorkville Highlands (AVA)
Missouri (State Appellation)Yountville ~ Napa Valley (AVA)
Mokelumne River ~ Lodi (AVA)


Why Appellations

For the wine industry it's a matter of defining, understanding, and ultimately perfecting agricultural intervention in the ecological foundations of winegrowing. For consumers it's a matter of expanding consciousness about the meaningful geographical identity of North American wines.

Trends in Appellation Designations

Country, state & province and county names have long been the geographical nomenclature by which we identify wine. But these place names are really more about political culture than viticulture. While the comprehensive appellation index below still contains a number of such ecologically insensitive place names, progressive North American winegrowers have joined the world-wide movement toward a more precise ecological and environmental definition of the place characteristics of their winegrowing. As the French say, its all about terroir. Terroir-ism is a revolutionary force redrawing the vinological map of North America in terms of officially designated AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) in the United States, and DVAs (Designated Viticultural Areas) in Canada.

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