Creston District (AVA)
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The Creston District is in the south east side of Paso Robles AVA, centered somewhat around the town of Creston. The topography is comprised of old erosional plateau at the base of the La Panza Range along with alluvial terraces and fans of Huerhuero Creek. Elevations run fron 1,000 - 2,000 feet.

Soils are typified by old, well developed terrace and hillside soils along with a mix of granitic and sedimentary rocks.

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Q: What are the most recognized grapes grown here?
Note: There are no wineries currently labeling wines with this appellation designation.
Q: What wines are produced here?

The AppellationAmerica database identifies 0 wines labeled with the Creston District designation.

Q: What wineries are based here ?
There are no wineries in this appellation
Q: What other wineries source fruit here ?
There are no other wineries that source fruit from this appellation
Q: What are the overlapping appellations ?


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