Antelope Valley of the California High Desert (AVA)
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Given final approval on May 24, 2011 the Antelope Valley of the California High Desert AVA becomes one of the largest appellations in the state. Comprised of 665 square miles, totaling 425,600 acres, only 7 other AVA cover more area. Grape growing began in the Antelope Valley in the 19th century. Those early plantings eventually disappeared, not to be replaced until 5 acres were planted on the valley's west side in 1981. Expansion of planting has only increased the area under vine to a mere 128 acres. Antelope Valley is marked by hot summers, altitude and the dry climate of the Southern California high desert. Annual rainfall is less than 9 inches per year. Daytime highs in excess of 90 degrees(F) occur 110 day or more per year. Yet the growing season is long, extending upwards of 260 days. Cold winters provide the needed chill weather during dormancy.

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  • Los Angeles County (County Appellation)


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