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Pennsylvania has an ideal climate for a mid-Atlantic state to become a major player in the North American wine world. It enjoys mild winters, due to its proximity to Lake Erie in the west and the Atlantic’s Gulf Stream waters in the east. The growing season here is long and moderate, sparing growers the problems associated with spiking temperatures. Irrigation is not a concern, as the state receives enough natural precipitation to nurture vines. In southeastern Pennsylvania, the landscape is marked by rolling hills which provide great air drainage and desirable southern exposures. More than 110 wineries, most of which are family-run operations, are spread across all areas of the state. Indeed, just about every part of Pennsylvania has its own wine trail. Collectively, these small family producers make Pennsylvania the nation’s eighth largest producer of wine.

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Galen Glen Vineyard and Winery Raspberry Gourmet and sophisticated, Galen’s favorite fruit turned into an extraordinary wine. Marvelous with everything from brownies to truffles.
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Galen Glen Vineyard and Winery Corkscrew Willow White Aromatic Niagara grapes enhance this simply sweet wine. Perfectly suited to sip on a cool porch in summer or by a toasty fire in winter.
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