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When thinking of wine making regions, the hot, tropical Hawaiian Islands do not spring quickly to mind. Typically, most of the world’s grape growing is done in moderate climates, between the 30th and 50th parallels. However, skiing, a seemingly far less likely activity than viticulture, also takes place in Hawaii. Both pursuits are made possible this far south because of the higher elevations of volcanic mountains and ridges. Vignerons are notoriously tenacious and will try to grow grapes pretty much anywhere. Proof of this is found near the equator, where the Aloha State’s two wineries – on the islands of Hawaii and Maui – grow Symphony, the only grape raised here for winemaking. In this Pacific paradise, Symphony, a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris, yields wines that are very fruity, off dry to sweet, and great for quaffing on the beach.

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In the southern Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Georgia vineyards are small and few, yet the establishment of the Upper Hiwassee Highlands could bring much more.  [>] continue

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