Benmore Valley (AVA)
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The Benmore Valley AVA was named for Benjamin Moore, a local legend who stole cattle from prosperous Mendocino ranchers during the 1800s and drove them to the Mexican border. It is located in the southwest corner of Lake County and was established as an AVA in November, 1991. Geographically, the Benmore Valley can be described as a mountaintop valley, little more than a depression really. It is significantly cooler than surrounding regions (experiencing frost up to a month later than neighboring Mendocino), with little coastal influence and no fog. Benmore Valley encompasses 1,440 acres, but there are no bonded wineries. At the present time the only grapes being produced are on a plot of land owned by the Trione family of Geyser Peak Winery.

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Q: What are the most recognized grapes grown here?
Note: There are no wineries currently labeling wines with this appellation designation.
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The AppellationAmerica database identifies 0 wines labeled with the Benmore Valley designation.

Q: What wineries are based here ?
There are no wineries in this appellation
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There are no other wineries that source fruit from this appellation
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