Cabernet Foch
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Varietal Character

Cabernet Foch
Cabernet Foch
All hail the young prince Cabernet Foch! Your parentage has afforded you a regal character, but it is unlikely the wine paparazzi will follow your every move like they do King Cabernet or his consort, the sultry Ms. Merlot. Truth be told, you are apt to follow the Foch side of your family, getting your fingers dirty working the vineyards of Vancouver Island, Ontario and Nova Scotia. We anxiously await your inauguration as King Canada – ruler of that country’s cold climate appellations.

Appellations Growing Cabernet Foch Grapes

Appellations producing the most Cabernet Foch wines:

Cabernet Foch Grape Details

Cabernet Foch

Cabernet Foch, a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Marechal Foch, was created by famed Swiss grape breeder Valentin Blattner. Blattner is a highly respected expert in his field, and is well regarded for his work in Switzerland, New Zealand and in Canada’s cold climate vineyards. Experimental plots of Cabernet Foch have been planted in Ontario and British Columbia’s Vancouver Island DVA. Initial results with the Cabernet Foch have been very promising, both in terms of winter hardiness and the organaleptic qualities of the resulting wines.