Canaiolo Nero
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Varietal Character

Canaiolo Nero
Canaiolo Nero

Appellations Growing Canaiolo Nero Grapes

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Canaiolo Nero Grape Details

Canaiolo Nero

Canaiolo Nero is most commonly found in Tuscany where it plays a supporting role to Sangiovese in the wines of Chianti. Under DOC law Canaiolo may total up to 10% percent of the cepage of a wine from Tuscany's most famous wine producing region. With international varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, now allowed to be up to 15% of the blend, the use of Canaiolo is on the decrease despite the best efforts of traditional minded producers. Canaiolo’s best attributes are high productivity and an ability to soften some of Sangiovese’s tendency to produce wines with rather firm acidity. It can also contribute a pleasant, mild strawberry like fruitiness to the wines. A scant few acres of Canaiolo are planted in North America by Cal-Ital wineries attempting to create Chianti style wines in the North Coast.