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Subscriptions: Questions and Answers

Q: Why is Appellation America moving to a subscription format?
A:What we offer — including the only comprehensive one-stop information source on North American wineries, appellations and grape varietals, as well as feature articles and wine recommendations — requires considerable resources to produce and maintain. After careful consideration we believe that the best way to meet these costs is (in part) through the direct support of our tens of thousands of regular readers.

Subscriber fees will also help to support our Best-of-Appellation (BOA) evaluation program. Lists of medal winning wines along with Tasting Notes will be exclusively available to subscribers, as will our evolving Blue Book of Appellation Taste Profiles.

At five dollars a month, an Appellation America subscription is excellent value!
Q: Why should I subscribe when I can get the information elsewhere?
A:Four answers among many:
  1. Actually, you can't get the information elsewhere — not all in one place. Information on North American appellations, grape varietals and wineries exists only as scattered and incomplete information elsewhere on the Internet.
  2. Our website integrates the above information, showing, for example, appellation wine lists (searchable by wine style or grape), which appellations grow the most of certain grapes, wines in various categories that you can "buy now" direct from the winery, as well as related feature articles, Best-of-Appellation wine lists, and our editors' and sommeliers' wine picks.
  3. We are the only organization focussing on North American wine growing regions. As an Appellation American subscriber you are supporting the effort to discover and define the characteristics of each appellation and to find the wines that best represent them.
  4. Each month we have new feature articles, new wines awarded Gold or Double Gold status in our Best-of-Appellation program, along with the tasting notes for each, and new wine picks by our in-house editors and sommeliers.
Q: As a monthly subscriber, do I need to log in and make a payment every month?
A:No, we will automatically renew your subscription at the end of the month.
Q: If I opt for a monthly subscription, what happens if I change my mind in a month or two?
A:You can easily cancel your subscription at any time and no further charges will be applied.
Q: Will I now have to log in every time I want to look up something on your site?
A: No. Once you have initially logged in, if you later use the same computer and browser and if you've allowed your browser to remember your password and accept cookies, when you return to our website you'll be able to see subscriber content automatically.
Q: If I subscribe will I be bombarded with email from you?
A:No. You have a choice as to what level of email contact you would like from us, including being able to decline any email other than subscription renewal notices.
Q: Will you provide my contact info to third parties?
A:We have no plans to sell, trade or give subscriber contact information to any third party and we certainly would never do so without each subscriber's explicit permission.
Q: What happens if I subscribe for a year and want to end my subscription before the year ends?
A:The annual subscription fee is non-refundable.

Further questions or comments?   Please email us.