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eCommerce Guide

Online Wine Store - Buy Wines Direct
Appellation America continually searches to bring you new and exciting wine discoveries. Our goal is to make available fine wines from every corner of the continent.

Appellation America Wine Store Principles:
  1. Make available regionally distinctive wines of a high quality for our audience to purchase.
  2. Each winery listed in Appellation America's Wine Store is sourced from the recommendations of our Editorial staff.
  3. Provide easy-to-use, easy-to-buy tools for finding and discovering great wines from across the USA.
Appellation America partners with select wineries from across the USA to give our audience quality choices in boutique wines.

We take our marketing cues from our Editors, who are based regionally and are ultra-familiar with the most representative wines from their areas.

The objective of our eCommerce site is to give our audience an informed selection of wine-buying choices-- all in one place. We've designed our portal to make it easy to read about, become familiar with and purchase an array of quality wines from all across the country. Rest assured that we have done much of the legwork to filter and recommend each of the wineries you see within our wine store.

Wine Product Pages:

Appellation America intentionally endeavors to put as much information into it's product pages as possible. This is why we provide the technical sheets from winemakers themselves. The benefit is relevant information for wine enthusiasts prior to purchase of a given wine.

For example:
Michaud Chalone 2001 Pinot Noir (Library Release)

Technical Notes:
Appellation: Chalone
Varietal Composition: 100% Pinot Noir
Harvest dates: August 31 – September 4, 2001
Aging: 14 months
Oak: 50% New, 50% 1-3 Year Old French Oak
TA: 6.20 g/L
pH: 3.39
Sugar at Harvest: 24.1 degrees Brix
Alcohol: 14.1%
Bottling Date: November 6, 2002
Optimum Consumption: 2003- 2010+

Notes on the information above:
Appellation: Wine region of origin.
Varietal Composition: Types of grapes used; Appellation America will also provide 'Clone' information where available.
Harvest Dates: Actual pick dates for specific bottle of wine.
Used to assess treatment and flavor profile; In the above example, 50% New means less oak predominance. The notes of vanilla or licorice or toastiness will be moderated, not saturated.
TA: Total Acidity. Most red table wines are about 0.6% total acid. The relevant range is from .4 - .8%, as the scale runs low-to-high.  The higher the percent (or total g/L), the more acidic the wine. This example is .62%, indicating an exceptionally balanced wine.
pH: A measure of a solutions acidity. The higher the pH, the lower the acidity, and the lower the pH, the higher the acidity. pH is also logarithmic, so a wine with a pH of 3.0 is 10-times more acidic than a wine with a pH of 4.0. This wine's pH is 3.39, indicating the solutions acidity in this wine to be lower than most red wines (red wines will normally fall between 3.3 and 3.8 pH).
Sugar at harvest: Measure of grape brix.
Alcohol: Percentage of alcohol per volume.
Bottling Date: Indicator of recency of bottling.
Optimum consumption: A recommended range for drinking to provide best possible flavor profile.

Appellation America Background

Appellation America is a trusted source for wine lovers eager to discover new wine regions. As the most complete information resource for the wines of North America, our online wine store complements your discovery by providing you with direct access to the wines - all in one place.

The Appellation America web site was created in 2003 as a place for wine fans to indulge their passion. Whether you’re visiting Appellation America to look up an obscure place, to get our take on a new winery, or simply to explore the world of North American wine, you’ve come to the right spot.

The Appellation America marketing and editorial staffs' comprehensive approach have made Appellation America the most comprehensive North American wine reference source on the planet. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining the knowledgeable, spirited content that wine lovers and industry professionals have come to expect.

All genres, styles and regions of wine are covered here, ranging from the most commercially popular to the most obscure. We recommend wines and wineries within the context of their own place - appellation by appellation. This ensures that fans of any style of wine can depend on us to keep them up-to-date with their favorite winemakers, as well as introduce them to new wines.

For the vast range of wines that we cover, we delve beneath the surface to present a level of detail unmatched anywhere else. Content on Appellation America falls into the following categories:
  • Meta Data: Facts about wineries or wines, including address, contact information, wines made, prices, wine label, availability, and satellite topography / location maps.
  • Descriptive Content: Deeper details that really illuminate an area, including the movers and shakers in that appellation, current winemaking trends, wine lists in every region, context, and inside information.
  • Editorial Content: Original and insightful writing by Appellation America’s staff and network of professional freelance wine contributors. This content includes Feature stories, Interviews, Roundtable discussions, Encyclopedic site descriptions, Discovery tastings and Wine Recommendations.
  • Marketing Content: Our assimilation of both our own Editorial staff's insights, Discoveries, features and wine recommendations-- and each of the products of our Winery Partners. We attempt to contextualize "Why" certain wines are worthy of your attention.
By word-of-mouth, the Appellation America website has gained phenomenal popularity, developing a large and loyal following among consumers and industry professionals alike.