Pedro Ximenes
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Varietal Character

Pedro Ximenes
Pedro Ximenes

Appellations Growing Pedro Ximenes Grapes

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Pedro Ximenes Grape Details

Pedro Ximinéz (aka. Pedro Jiminéz, Pedro)

Widely grown in the Andalucia, Extremadura and Valencia areas of south-central Spain. Pedro Ximénez is a white grape, primarily used to add sweetness to Spain's famed Sherry production. Pedro Ximenez grapes destined for sweetening are often left on the vine well into the season to raisinate, and develop extremely high sugar levels. Occasionally, Sherries are produced exclusively from Pedro Ximenez (PX). These wines can be wonderfully intoxicating, viscous, and complex with aromas and flavors suggestive of figs, raisins and caramel. Also grown in Australia, it’s combined there with Palomino, in making fortified wines. In North America, Pedro Ximénez is nearly extinct. Although a few dedicated producers in California continue to use this noble grape.