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Varietal Character

You are the blue-collared son of Portuguese immigrants. Your parents, Tinto Cao and Alicante Ganzin raised you to be hardworking and loyal, which you are; boosting color in the factories of California jug wine producers. You spend your evenings in a fortified state in Central Valley saloons, and off days toiling in the hot California sun.

Appellations Growing Rubired Grapes

Appellations producing the most Rubired wines:

Rubired Grape Details

Created for fortified wine and to boost color for California’s bulk red wine production, Rubired is mainly used in bulk wine blends in that state and in Australia, as well as for grape juice. This cross of Tinto Cão and Alicante Ganzin (Amaron x Alicante Bouschet) is an adaptable and productive grape, which has vast acreage under vine in central California.