Valvin Muscat
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Varietal Character

Valvin Muscat
Valvin Muscat

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Valvin Muscat Grape Details

Cornell University officially named and released three new wine grapes during the 31st annual American Society for Enology and Viticulture/Eastern Section Conference and Symposium, held July 9-11, 2006 in Rochester, N.Y. 'Valvin Muscat' is a mid-season white wine grape with a distinctive muscat flavor and aroma that is desirable for blending as well as for varietal wines. The complex interspecific hybrid grape resulted from a cross made in 1962 between Couderc 299-35 (an interspecific hybrid known as 'Muscat du Moulin') and 'Muscat Ottonel'. "'Valvin Muscat' is recommended for the production of high quality muscat wines," said Reisch. "Vines are well suited to good grape growing sites in the Eastern United States, and should only be grown on suitable rootstocks." Some care should be exercised to control disease, and fruit should be picked when the muscat flavor reaches its peak, he noted.