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Massican: winery information

the history of our name resides in the south of italy. however, the inspiration for the wine comes from the north. the massican wines are a blend of grape varieties with the hope of promising a new, unique approach of what white wine could be - modern, spirited, different - taking the best of what california vineyards have to offer and approaching the winemaking with intellectual verve and passion. we harvested four grape varieties in and around napa valley in 2011 - two north east italian white varieties, tocai friulano and ribolla gialla, coupled with chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. we made three wines channeling the style and the blends made famous by such wineries as jermann, miani, vie di romans, abbazia di novacella, zuani, lis neris, meroi, venica & venica and volpe pasini, to name a few.

Annual Production: 600 cases

Estate Vineyard Acreage
With the 2011 wine growing season behind us our third vintage of annia continues the trend of moving more towards a greater composition of white varieties that have their origin in the north east of italy. our old vine tocai planted in nineteen forty seven dominates the blend in two thousand eleven. we added a small parcel of tocai that borders the old vines that offers a nice balance of old and new. in addition to tocai ANNIA is made by blending ribolla gialla from oak knoll and chardonnay from hyde vineyards in carneros. inspired by the sauvignons of northern italy where the vineyards are framed by the adriatic sea and the dolomite mountain range it would be difficult to recreate these wines anywhere else in the world, but we try. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes for this wine are farmed at juliana vineyards in pope valley where the daytime temperatures are often the highest in napa but the nights are as cool as they come producing a wine of intensity and freshness. a wine we hope achieves our goals

Contact Information

Calistoga, CA  94515

Phone: (707) 709-8400