Putah Creek Winery
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Putah Creek Winery: winery information

Putah Creek Winery

Winemaker: Gene Glaeser and Nicole Salengo

Gene Glaeser, the owner of Putah Creek Winery, along with Nicole Salengo make up our winemaking team. Gene farms the grapes grown next to the winery and he & Nicole then work together to craft wines that express the true flavors of the varietal and the unique terroir in which they are grown. Their goal has always been to produce full-bodied, well-structured and balanced wines that are approachable upon release.

Estate Vineyard Acreage
Our vineyards are located between the active and ancient channels of Putah Creek, just south of Davis, California. Originating high in the Coastal Range and flowing to the east, Putah Creek has deposited an alluvial plain of high quality deep soils of the type the Davis area is famous for. The creek also brought with it magnesium from the serpentine rocks of the coastal range, which is at high levels in our water, and tends to be a moderating factor in the vigor of our vines - always desirable for the production of high quality wines. The cooling delta influence we enjoy also allows our grapes to mature fully while maintaining their fruitfulness, helping to bring a bright fruit component to our wines. Combine this with cutting edge viticulture techniques, and we have been pleased with the quality of wines we have been able to produce. The decisions we make in our vineyards are influenced by our goals of farming in an environmentally-friendly fashion. We employ Integrated Pest Management practices, use cover crops to minimize runoff and encourage water infiltration and beneficial insects, use drip irrigation so as to not use excess water and electricity. We also utilize soil and tissue analysis to avoid over-fertilization, and use “green chemistry” pesticides whenever possible. We have installed owl boxes to encourage owls to nest and provide rodent control, and we have planted an insectory around the perimeters of the vineyards as habitat for beneficial insects.

Contact Information

Putah Creek Winery
9518 Drummond Lane
Davis, CA  95618
United States

Phone: (916) 747-2131