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Varietal Character

You are the descendent of the cold climate to the north, gaining strength from working until late in the harvest. Your hard work evident in your darker than dark purple complexion. Your willingness to share and aid in the darkening of other less colorful reds is a testament to your giving nature. Your personality is berry filled with a just a hint of teasing tartness. Those that haven’t met your acquaintance might be fooled in thinking your purple complexion was an indication of a tannic and hot temper. While in reality you are a rather soft and mild fellow. You are forever to be thanked for being the mild mannered super red -- strong in body by color>

Varietal Character by John F. Iszard, Wine Sales Director, Fulkerson Winery

Appellations Growing Vincent Grapes

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Vincent Grape Details

Suited for production of full-bodied, table wines and Port, this very deep red grape cross was released in 1967 by the Horticultural Research Institute of Canada, at Vineland, Ontario. Small acreages of this cold-tolerant grape are grown in the Finger Lakes area of New York State, mainly for use as a coloring agent for blends. Vincent ripens in mid-October and is somewhat susceptible to Powdery Mildew.

Featured Vincent

Fox Run Vineyards Ruby Vixen (Seneca Lake)
A soft and fruity blush wine, with aromas of strawberry and citrus.
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