Ashland Vineyards and Winery
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Ashland Vineyards and Winery wine list

Quoted prices are retail at winery and subject to change.

2003 All's Well that Ends Well Pinot Gris   (Rogue Valley)
(Pinot Gris | Grigio)    750ml $13.99
2002 Midsummer Night's Dream Sauvignon Blanc   (Rogue Valley)
(Sauvignon Blanc)    750ml $13.99

1999 As You Like It Merlot   (Rogue Valley)
(Merlot)    750ml $18.99
1999 Henry VIII Cabernet Sauvignon   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $18.99
1998 Taming of the Shrew Cabernet Franz   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Franc)    750ml $18.99
1996 Cabernet Sauvignon   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $30.00
1994 Cabernet Sauvignon   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $80.00
1993 Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot blend   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon 73%, Merlot 27%)    750ml $90.00
1992 Cabernet Sauvignon   (Rogue Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $100.00

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2775 E Main St.
Ashland, OR 07520
(541) 488-0088