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Nova Scotia (Provincial Appellation)

Nova Scotia's 'Other' Wine Industry

by Mark DeWolf
November 22, 2003

Nova Scotia benefits from a second wine industry. The coastal Canadian province has a vibrant and successful fruit wine industry. Anyone who has tasted a Nova Scotia apple, a strawberry picked at the peak of perfection, or one of the province's famous Blueberries understands that the benefits of a marginal climate does not just apply to grapes.

Lunenburg County Winery, Telderberry and Williamsdale Winery focus on transforming Nova Scotia grown fruit into wine. Grape wine producers, Domaine de Grand Pré and Jost Vineyards also create special products out of locally grown fruit. Domaine de Grand Pré uses a variety of the Annapolis Valley's famous apples to produce a stunning Apple Ice Wine, and Hans Christian of Jost vineyards has transformed raspberries into a decadent dessert wine perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

To visit or learn more about Nova Scotia's fruit wine industry, contact these local wineries:

Lunenburg County Winery
Mahone Bay
Nova Scotia
B0J 2E0
Phone: (902) 644-2415
Fax: (902) 644-3614
E-mail: info@canada-wine.com

Telder Berry Wines
1251 Enfield Road
Nine Mile River
Hants County NS
B0N 1M0
phone: 902-883-8433

Williamsdale Winery
Nova Scotia
B0M 1E0
Phone: (800) 439-1224 or (902) 686-3117
Fax: (902) 686-3776
E-mail: dcarter@fox.nstn.ca


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