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iPhone users can access appellation and varietal content along with embedded wine region apps developed

America (Country Appellation)

Appellation America Launches New App

The iPhone has brought the wine consumer much closer to wine regions across the United States. Appellation America has just launched a brand new app that bring full appellation and varietal index content along with original illustrations to your palm

by Roger King
August 2, 2012

Appellation America has just released a new Smartphone App, set for iPhone and iPad now with Android coming quickly, that seeks to overview all appellations in the United States and the grape varietal wines grown, while providing an easy one stop location to find specific wine country Apps across the US. It is a product that will grow as more and more wine regions seek visitation and begin to develop their own specific regional or wine trail app. Our goal strives to congregate as many as interested into this quick, but detailed, reference Appellation America App.

Developed by GoLocalApps of Sacramento, CA in conjunction with Appellation America, the full appellation index, with its unique description of both AVA and political (county-state) boundary appellations across all 50 states is delivered, including Appellation America signature original illustrations. 9 categories are used to break the US into multi state regions for easier reference, with California being one by itself. Within each region all appellations of that area are available to review and learn details about. Regional wine or visitor trail apps that cover such appellations are present, when available, and linked to allow ease of finding in depth winery, accommodation and restaurant information for that area. You can take this anywhere in the US and have a reference to the wine regions around you.

Additionally, both the Appellation America website and this Smartphone app describe many of the grape varietals used in wine production, along with its history, pictures, and some editorial flavor text to bring them to life.

This app has been in the works for several months, as it contains a vast number of hyperlinks that take you to other areas within the App for the information you’re seeking about a varietal or region. You’ll notice the rich artwork inside the app, which was hand-drawn by a Canadian artist. This app is the first time that his artwork is being showcased, and we think you’ll enjoy the artist’s interpretation of what he thought the grape varietal or region represented graphically.

GoLocalApps developed this app in partnership with Appellation America, and it includes all the apps GoLocalApps has developed for wine regions in both an “Apps” category and on the page for the wine region it covers. More wine region apps will be added as we develop them. Each one of these appellation or region specific apps, maintained directly by the region organizations, contains detailed winery information, linked to email and mobile enabled web site, tasting room operations, events of the region along with database links to hotels, restaurants.

Appellation America has been striving to evolve an expanded format that provides insight to wine country visitation via the focal point of defining regional diversity in wine. Yet experiencing that diversity first hand is the perfect next step and the Appellation America App helps you take the insight along for the visit. Visit details on the app at the Apple store.

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Reader Feedback

Reader Comments... [3]

Mike Hixson
Orange County CA
How about an Android app?

Roger King
Appellation America, Napa, CA
Great feedback, the Android version is very close to release. Way more coding requirement across all the phone platforms. We know there are a lot of you out there!

Tony Daughtry , Principal Engineer
Genesis Technology, Atlanta, GA
Flying to Sonoma this week, would like to have the Appellation App, perhaps you need a Alpha/Beta tester??? As you know you can just email the APK... Galaxy S2

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