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Wine Recommendation

Bianchi Winery 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Signature Selection (Paso Robles)

Bianchi Winery

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon - Signature Selection
(Paso Robles)

From the east side of Paso Robles comes this sleek, muscular Cabernet that practically defines what real Cabernet smells and tastes like. It’s filled with aromas of rich peppers and cassis, plus warm earthiness. The flavors are intense and spicy, oozing with blackberries and wonderfully graced with hints of basil, oregano and tarragon. Most intriguing are the arbol chile pepper flavors, which add an earthy, smoky richness. What is especially pleasing about this well-made wine is that it is well under 14 percent alcohol: no small feat for Paso, and a tribute to the extremely careful manner in which winemaker Tom Lane monitors fruit in the vineyard.

The grapes for this wine came from a river bottom influenced east side Paso vineyard. With a long and rich history of making wines in the Anderson Valley (Navarro) and then in Livermore (Concannon and Crooked Vine), Tom knows his way around every aspect of winemaking. His is a light touch in the cellar, and his great care to express, not overdress, the fruit, is evident with every pleasing sip. Buy this wine and save an Andrew Jackson, because this drinks like a $42 Cab. Money well spent, and saved.

Reviewed September 5, 2007 by Laura Ness.


The Wine

Winery: Bianchi Winery
Vintage: 2004
Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon - Signature Selection
Appellation: Paso Robles
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: 750ml $22.00

Review Date: 9/5/2007

The Reviewer

Laura Ness

A wine writer and wine judge for major publications and competitions around the country, Laura Ness likens wine to the experience of music. She is always looking for that ubiquitous marriage of rhythm, melody, and flawless execution. What is good music? You know it when you get lost in it. What is good wine? It is music in your mouth.