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Wine Recommendation

Peller Estates (BC) 2006 Pinot Blanc  (British Columbia)

Peller Estates (BC)

2006 Pinot Blanc
(British Columbia)

Vancouver sommelier Barbara Philip recently qualified as a Master of Wine (only the second in Canada) after completing a thesis on Pinot Blanc and its future in the Okanagan. She concluded that Pinot Blanc, which accounts for 10 percent of all the white varieties grown in British Columbia, has shown itself well suited to the soils and climate. Yet the variety labours somewhat under a cloud because it has never caught fire with consumers, unlike Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc.

One can see that from the price of this well-crafted Pinot Blanc. This wine is a bargain. Cool fermented in stainless steel, this is a crisp, uncomplicated wine designed to accompany food, not to overwhelm the cuisine. The aromas are pleasant fruity. On the palate, the wine tastes of apples and citrus. The finish is dry and refreshing, with a slight and pleasant tang from the natural acidity. If the alcohol were lower, this could be the Okanagan’s version of Portugal’s vinho verde. This is a classic seafood wine. 87 points.

Reviewed October 4, 2007 by John Schreiner.

The Wine

Winery: Peller Estates (BC)
Vintage: 2006
Wine: Pinot Blanc
Appellation: British Columbia
Grape: Pinot Blanc
Price: 750ml $12.49

Review Date: 10/4/2007

The Reviewer

John Schreiner

John Schreiner has been covering the wines of British Columbia for the past 30 years and has written 10 books on the wines of Canada and BC. He has judged at major competitions and is currently a panel member for the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards of Excellence in Wine. Both as a judge and as a wine critic, he approaches each wine not to find fault, but to find excellence. That he now finds the latter more often than the former testifies to the dramatic improvement shown by BC winemaking in the past decade.