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Wine Recommendation

Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery  Vignoles  (Missouri)

Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery


A cool, precious October night in the sublime late-teens of your life. It is the fourth quarter of the homecoming football game, and the score is tight. You cheer your team, but your mind is elsewhere — senses alert and eager. Behind the bleachers, not far from concessions, you wait. Invigorating aromas of hay are in the air — the parade float depicting your team’s mascot punching the opposing mascot. Scent of “peachy Delight” from the refreshment stand.

There she is. You hang back. She is wearing her killer fuzzy sweater. Classic. She sees you and smiles. She comes — the full hug is refreshing, tight, long, and warm in the cool air. She is chewing bubblegum, and you’d like to kiss her but the bubble gum is holding you back. Is she yours?

Reviewed April 30, 2008 by Tim Pingelton.

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The Wine

Winery: Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery
Wine: Vignoles
Appellation: Missouri
Grape: Vignoles / Ravat
Price: 750ml $9.50

Review Date: 4/30/2008

The Reviewer

Tim Pingelton

As a professional winemaker and writer, Tim Pingelton understands how growing conditions and vinification techniques affect the grapes as they become wine. As an Appellation America correspondent, he realizes that a balance must be struck between standards in flux and standards fixed in time. Tim continually explores the areas about which he writes to personally relate how their wines do or do not embody appellation-specific characteristics.