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Wine Recommendation

Crown Valley Winery 2006 Chardonel Brut  (Ozark Highlands)

Crown Valley Winery

2006 Chardonel Brut
(Ozark Highlands)

My buddy Eric and I were having another discussion/disagreement the other evening on my back deck. This time is was about Epicurus (as told by Lucretius, c. 98–55 BCE) and his notion that “The mind has more to do with holding the fastness of life and has more sovereign sway over it than the power of the soul.” (NOTE: The St. Louis Cardinals had a “Bye” that night. Otherwise the topic would be pitching options for our Red Birds.)

Eric played the old nature/nurture card, claiming that the mind controls the soul because humans are thinking creatures who would cease to exist if the soul ruled the mind. An ardent believer in the power of the soul, I disagreed.

Then I retired to the kitchen and returned with a cool bottle of Crown Valley’s 2006 Chardonel Brut to prove my side of the argument. I surreptitiously poured two flutes of this delicate sparkling wine and hid them behind my back as I stepped onto the deck and began my case in earnest. Interrupting Eric’s moment to rebut, I handed him his glass. He took a sip, and the real debate began:

Eric: What? Champagne, Cava?
Tim: Crown Valley, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri.
E (after a thoughtful taste): My mind says ‘Missouri?” but my soul says ‘Yes.’
T: After tasting this peachy, citrusy, dry sparkling Chardonel, just admit that the soul can trump the mind.
E: Eric confused . . . but Lucretius . . .
T: Just enjoy the wine. Oh, by the way, this beauty costs $16 a bottle.
E: Mind confused. Soul very happy.
T: Point made.

Sipping the second soulful glass in harmony, we agreed with Lucretius’ later statement that, “On such terms of union, mind and soul are ever bound to each other.”

Reviewed December 20, 2007 by Tim Pingelton.

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The Wine

Winery: Crown Valley Winery
Vintage: 2006
Wine: Chardonel Brut
Appellation: Ozark Highlands
Grape: Chardonel
Price: 750ml $16.00

Review Date: 12/20/2007

The Reviewer

Tim Pingelton

As a professional winemaker and writer, Tim Pingelton understands how growing conditions and vinification techniques affect the grapes as they become wine. As an Appellation America correspondent, he realizes that a balance must be struck between standards in flux and standards fixed in time. Tim continually explores the areas about which he writes to personally relate how their wines do or do not embody appellation-specific characteristics.