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Dear Miss Chardonel, your voice and looks are similar to your famous mother, albeit your song isn’t as polished and your body is a tad leaner. You sing contently and in perfect tune for your fans in the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic states, playing those venues where mummy Chardonnay found the environment rather unsuitable for her stature and celebrity.

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Chardonel Grape Details


Chardonel was developed in New York State, to be a late-ripening, highly-productive, cold-climate varietal. A cross of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, Chardonel is proving its value in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states. Given much of the same treatment as Chardonnay, it adapts well to barrel fermention, and controlled lees contact. The result is often a full-bodied dry wine, high in alcohol and acidity, with a similar, if less pronounced character than Chardonnay.

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Featured Chardonel

Crown Valley Winery 2006 Chardonel Brut (Ozark Mountain)

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Crown Valley Winery 2003 Chardonel Late Harvest - Estate (Ozark Mountain)
Ripe fruits, dried apricots, figs and raisins. The rich texture and structure are well balanced, finishing with vanilla and honey.
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