Kenneth Volk Vineyards
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Kenneth Volk Vineyards wine list

Quoted prices are retail at winery and subject to change.


2006 Heirloom Pinot Grigio  Sierra Madre Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Pinot Gris | Grigio)    750ml $16.20
2005 Chardonnay, Jaybird   (Santa Maria Valley)
(Chardonnay)    750ml $19.80
2005 Chardonnay, Santa Maria Cuvee   (Santa Barbara County)
(Chardonnay)    750ml $21.60
2005 Heirloom Viognier  Live Oak Vineyard  (Paso Robles)
(Viognier)    750ml $16.20
2005 Malvasia Bianca  San Bernabe Vineyard  (Monterey)
(Malvasia)    750ml $18.00
2005 Pinot Blanc  Bien Nacido Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Pinot Blanc)    750ml $18.00
2004 Aqua Pumpkin Malvasia Bianca   (Monterey County)
(Malvasia)    750ml $12.60
2004 Chardonnay  Sierra Madre Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Chardonnay)    750ml $21.60
2004 Chardonnay  Bien Nacido Vineyard, U Block  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Chardonnay)    750ml $25.20
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2003 Aqua Pumpkin Chardonnay   (Monterey County)
(Chardonnay)    750ml $12.60

2005 Aqua Pumpkin Pinot Noir   (Santa Barbara County)
(Pinot Noir)    750ml $18.00
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon   (Paso Robles)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $25.20
2005 Heirloom Negrette  Caleri Vineyard  (San Benito County)
(Negrette)    750ml $21.60
2005 Heirloom Syrah  Nielson Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Syrah | Shiraz)    750ml $32.40
2005 Pinot Noir  Sierra Madre Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Pinot Noir)    750ml $32.40
2005 Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Cuvee   (Santa Barbara County)
(Pinot Noir)    750ml $21.60
2004 Aqua Pumpkin Grenache   (Santa Ynez Valley)
(Grenache)    750ml $12.60
2004 Claret  Carmody McKnight Vineyard  (Paso Robles)
(Cabernet Franc 39%, Merlot 33%, Cabernet Sauvignon 28%)    750ml $25.20
2004 Heirloom Tempranillo  John Smith Vineyard  (San Benito County)
(Tempranillo | Valdepenas)    750ml $16.20
2004 Merlot  El Pomar Junction Vineyard  (Paso Robles)
(Merlot)    750ml $25.20
2004 Pinot Noir  Garey Vineyard  (Santa Maria Valley)
(Pinot Noir)    750ml $43.20
2004 Zinfandel  Slacker Vineyard  (Paso Robles)
(Zinfandel)    750ml $18.00
2003 Merlot   (Paso Robles)
(Merlot)    750ml $21.60
2003 Mourvedre  Enz Vineyard  (San Benito County)
(Mourvedre | Mataro)    750ml $28.00
2002 Aqua Pumpkin Merlot   (Paso Robles)
(Merlot)    750ml $12.60

Contact Information

5230 Tepusquet Road
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 938-7896