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Martin Ranch Winery wine list

Quoted prices are retail at winery and subject to change.

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2008 Sauvignon Blanc ~ J.D. Hurley   (Arroyo Seco)
(Sauvignon Blanc 98%, Semillon 2%)    750ml $16.95
2007 Sauvignon Blanc ~ J.D. Hurley   (Arroyo Seco)
(Sauvignon Blanc)    750ml $16.95

2006 Zinfandel ~ J.D. Hurley   (Santa Clara Valley)
(Zinfandel)    750ml $22.95
2006 Zinfandel ~ Therese Vineyards  Madeline Vineyards  (Santa Clara Valley)
(Zinfandel)    750ml $26.95
2005 Cabernet Franc ~ Therese Vineyards  Estate  (Santa Cruz Mountains)
(Cabernet Franc)    750ml $34.95
2005 Merlot ~ J.D. Hurley   (Santa Clara Valley)
(Merlot)    750ml $19.95
2005 Merlot ~ Therese Vineyards  Madrone Vineyards  (Santa Clara Valley)
(Merlot)    750ml $25.95
2005 Petite Sirah ~ Therese Vineyards  Madeline Vineyards  (Santa Clara Valley)
(Petite Sirah)    750ml $27.95
2005 Syrah ~ Therese Vineyards   (Santa Clara Valley)
(Syrah | Shiraz)    750ml $26.95
2005 Therese Vineyards  Estate  (Santa Cruz Mountains)
(Cabernet Sauvignon 94%)    750ml $44.95
2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ~ J.D. Hurley   (Santa Clara Valley)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $24.95
2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Therese Vineyards  Estate  (Santa Cruz Mountains)
(Cabernet Sauvignon)    750ml $49.95

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