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Wine Recommendation

Wine:Ironstone Vineyards 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon  (Sierra Foothills)

Ironstone Vineyards

2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
(Sierra Foothills)

Cabernet Sauvignon launched Ironstone Vineyards’ reserve wine program and it is winemaker Steve Millier’s favorite varietal. His 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a big wine, “full of flavor but not overly heavy,” as he describes it. “We try to capture our grapes at the peak of maturity and not when they are over ripe or raisiny. Some California Cabs have crossed the line a little bit and become almost desserty. I enjoy the minerality of wines from the Sierra Foothills regions. The Reserve Cab reflects that distinction,” says Millier.

Ironstone’s 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has a nose of rich plum and blueberry tarts brushed with cocoa. There are flavor notes of chocolate and cinnamon and the earthiness and minerality that defines the region. The tannins are highly evident but they should be present in a good Cab to provide structure. While some wine snobs consider pairing chocolate with red wines to be gauche, try this one with a dark chocolate and you’ll see the tannins and chocolate melt in your mouth at the same time – gauche or not, a very satisfying moment! And, of course the classic pairing, a good barbecued steak this time of year and a glass [or two] of this Cab would be a nice evening.

Reviewed May 23, 2007 by Jean Deitz Sexton.

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The Wine

Winery: Ironstone Vineyards
Vintage: 2003
Wine: Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Sierra Foothills
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (85%), Merlot (15%)
Price: 750ml $25.00

Review Date: 5/23/2007

The Reviewer

Jean Deitz Sexton

Jean Deitz Sexton’s first experiences with wine were drinking Italian wine as an NYU college student in New York City. She continues to have a love of red wines with a reasonable alcohol level, that have rich flavor, good fruit yet softness. Deitz Sexton has a great fondness for Rhone varietals, anything with bubbles and of late, is obsessed with blends. Her approach to wine reviewing is pretty straightforward: does it have a pleasant nose, clarity of flavor, interesting notes, good mouth feel, and a satisfying finish?