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Wine Recommendation

Calona Vineyards 2004  (Okanagan Valley)

Calona Vineyards

2004 Sovereign Opal - Artist Series Reserve
(Okanagan Valley)

Sovereign Opal is a white variety developed in British Columbia in the 1960s by crossing Marechal Foch and Golden Muscat. Only one vineyard grows it and only Calona Vineyards makes the wine. The usual practice has been to release the wine about nine months after vintage. Calona provided no explanation for delaying the release of the 2004 an additional six months. Perhaps it was just a matter of letting the previous vintage clear the marketplace.

The variety's Muscat parent invariably defines the personality of the wine. The aroma is floral and a bit spicy. The flavours recall peaches and cantaloupe melons, with an impression of sweetness with a balancing acidity to leave a crisp finish. It is a wine to be enjoyed on its own, as a refreshing drink. Score: 85 points

Reviewed January 17, 2006 by John Schreiner.

The Wine

Winery: Calona Vineyards
Vintage: 2004
Wine: Sovereign Opal - Artist Series Reserve
Appellation: Okanagan Valley
Grape: Sovereign Opal
Price: 750ml $12.49

Review Date: 1/17/2006

The Reviewer

John Schreiner

John Schreiner has been covering the wines of British Columbia for the past 30 years and has written 10 books on the wines of Canada and BC. He has judged at major competitions and is currently a panel member for the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards of Excellence in Wine. Both as a judge and as a wine critic, he approaches each wine not to find fault, but to find excellence. That he now finds the latter more often than the former testifies to the dramatic improvement shown by BC winemaking in the past decade.