Cameron Winery
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Cameron Winery: winery information

Winemaker: John Paul

With a BA in Chemistry and a PhD in Microbial Biochemistry from the Scripps Institution of Oceanograpy, John Paul appears utterly unprepared to be a winemaker! But "au contrare": Chemistry is the basis of life and what better place to grow microorganisms than grape juice?

Annual Production: 3,500 cases

We do not believe in wine futures since it is impossible to know before the wine is finished how many barrels will truly deserve a given vineyard or place designation. If you truly want the best wines possible, we suggest that you avoid the "futures game."

Estate Vineyard Acreage
6 acres:
  • Clos Electrique Rouge -- 2.0 acres
  • Clos Electrique Blanc -- 1.5 acres
  • Nebbiolo -- 0.5 acres
  • Giuliano -- 1.0 acre
  • Bess Pinot Noir --1.0 acre

Grape Varieties Planted

Contact Information

Cameron Winery
8200 Worden Hill Road
PO Box 27
Dundee, OR  97115
United States

Phone: (503) 538-0336
Fax: (503) 538-0336