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Varietal Character

Exiled with your rustic brethren from France to North America you are living the quiet life in the Northeast. Capable of making great long-lived wines that all too few get to taste, you are the most easy-going of your class, blending exceptionally well with the aristocratic Cabernets. While not as tough as your son Frontenac, you are tough enough to survive where vinifera cannot, and even productive when winter knocks you low to the ground. Your greatest moment was when Wine Specator crowned you as the best of your breed, scoring one of your Hudson River wines "96". You are the sensitive poetry-reading lumberjack who can quietly blend into the vinifera library.

Appellations Growing Landot Grapes

Appellations producing the most Landot wines:

Landot Grape Details

Landot(aka Landot Noir, Landot 4511))

This winter hardy French American hybrid is a late budder and early ripener. The grape is used primarily for dry red wine production. Baldwin Vineyards located in New York's Hudson Valley AVA, was once awarded a 96 point score for a wine produced from Landot.

Featured Landot

Jewell Towne Vineyards 2005 Landot Noir (New Hampshire)
A spicy, mellow red with subtle aromas of leather and licorice.
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Jewell Towne Vineyards 2007 Landot Noir (New Hampshire)

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