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Wine Recommendation

Cherry Creek Cellars 2006 Enigma  (Michigan)

Cherry Creek Cellars

2006 Enigma

Many have said that Cabernet Sauvignon will not ripen in Michigan. Or, at least, it won’t ripen in typical years; maybe it will in warmer years like 2005 and 2007. Cherry Creek Cellars winemaker John Burtka is out to prove the pundits wrong. From 2006, a more typical Michigan growing season, comes this new release 100 percent Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s ripe and generous with all the expected varietal characteristics: blackberry and black currant, dark plum and a melange of wild berries are noticed in the aroma. They become well-mirrored as flavors with a fruit-forward palate expression. A solid fruit core is complemented by a lengthy finish and spice notes from judicious use of cooperage in the cellar.

The trick for making Cabernet Sauvignon in Michigan, Burtka contends, is achieving good tannin balance by extended hang time – into November. Perhaps, at first, this wine received its “Enigma” moniker but now the mystery has been solved and the pundits proven incorrect.

Get your steak knife ready.

Reviewed April 17, 2008 by Eleanor & Ray Heald.

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The Wine

Winery: Cherry Creek Cellars
Vintage: 2006
Wine: Enigma
Appellation: Michigan
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: 750ml $25.00

Review Date: 4/17/2008

The Reviewer

Eleanor & Ray Heald

The Healds have been writing about wine since 1978 and have focused on appellation significance in many of their world beat writings. They value recognizing site personality (terroir) within an appellation's wines. They praise balance and elegance in wines styled to pair well with food and eschew over-extraction, high alcohol and heavy-handed oak. “Delicious” is their favorite descriptor for a great, well-made wine.