Ventana Vineyards
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Ventana Vineyards: winery information

Ventana Vineyards

Winemaker: Reggie HAmmond

Hammond’s love of wine and wine production led him to contact Doug Meador (founder of Ventana Vineyards)in early 1996. The timing was right – Meador was also looking for the right person to continue his work at Ventana Vineyards. According to Meador, “I was looking for a person with a management background, but more importantly, that person had to have the “fire” for the wine business. Reggie has more than filled the position. He’s really taken flight.” With a degree from the Spartan School of Aeronautics in 1987, Reggie Hammond first worked for Continental Airlines and Boeing Aircraft. At the same time he got his hands deep into the geology of the region by running his own excavating company in E. Wenatchee, Washington, (Doug Meador’s hometown). That background has influenced his view of winemaking and grape growing. Since 2005, Hammond has been in charge of the winemaking for Ventana’s 400 acre Estate. He has devoted his talents to crafting world-class red wines of distinction while continuing to skillfully produce Ventana Vineyard’s renowned white wine portfolio. His passion for winemaking is combined with a careful attention to detail that comes from his years in aeronautics. Each barrel get his full attention. There are no small details. Hammond regularly gets on airplanes these days, but now it is to expand his understanding and knowledge in the world of wine. “Travel to other great wine regions keeps us focused and puts our efforts, and our wines, in the larger perspective. We want to be the best in the world.” - Reggie Hammond

Annual Production: 25,000 cases

Call the Tasting Room for limited release list notification. 831-372-7415

Estate Vineyard Acreage
400 acres

Grape Varieties Planted

For more information on Ventana Vineyards visit them on the web at

Contact Information

Ventana Vineyards
2999 Monterey-Salinas Hwy.
Monterey, CA  93940
United States

Phone: (831) 372-7415
Fax: (831) 375-0797