Four Mile Creek
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If you landed in the middle of the Four Mile Creek appellation you might think you just arrived in the Canadian Prairies first DVA. The largest of the Niagara Peninsula’s new sub-appellations, is also it’s flattest and most fertile (soils have a high silt and clay content). The little slope in the appellation can be found in vineyards located on the boundary with the Saint David’s Bench DVA. Given its gentle slopes, vineyard orientation is less relevant in this DVA. However, this lack of slope can be problematic on nights where frost is a risk, as air circulation is minimal. Summer’s are warm in this area and nights cool providing excellent diurnal temperature variation which helps retain acidity in the grapes. Despite the warmth of the summer sun in this DVA, there is a slightly shortened growing season. Total degree days do not exceed surrounding appellations. The Four Mile Creek DVA distance from the moderating effects of Lake Ontario, presumably puts this appellation in greater risk of winter kill.

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