Short Hills Bench
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If not for the popularity and stature of Henry of Pelham winery, visitors to the Niagara Region might just drive by the Short Hills AVA without taking much notice. The region, particularly in its northern half is topographically rather plain, where slopes are long and gentle. However, in the southern extreme of the DVA the region includes the eastern edge of the Niagara escarpment and is bordered by Short Hills Provincial Park. The park is a series of hills and valleys, owing their origin to an ancient re-entrant valley that once carved a path from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. A number of streams and creeks either originate at or run through the escarpment and continue through the appellation on their way to Lake Ontario. These streams combine with excellent soil conditions to provide excellent drainage to the vineyards in the appellation. Climatically, the region benefits from the moderating effects of Lake Ontario, and excellent air drainage. The latter is a benefit of its proximity to the Niagara Escarpment. Summer days are warm and nights are cool. Combined with an extended growing season, the Short Hills Bench DVA is likely to prove it has the climate to earn itself a reputation as one of Niagara’s premiere growing regions.

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