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Taking Focus on Appellation
by Clark Smith
December 9, 2013

Appellation America has entered its second decade on the web. Much has changed since the start, but the core focus remains characterizing the unique flavor profiles of North America’s appellations and the natural influences and human cultural forces which influence them.

We understand that through objective evaluation of wines of these appellations, finding the recurring characteristics that typify such place is primary.

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Whitehall Lane Winery, A 20 Year Story of Vineyards
by Roger King
July 15, 2013

The emblematic mustard of Napa Valley showcases Whitehall Lane Winery during the quiet winter season. The showcase of varietal, vineyard, and appellation blends are how this same family winery focuses it's presence across the Napa Valley. Vineyard sites secured and redeveloped over the last 20 years in St. Helena, Rutherford and Oak Knoll AVA's of Napa Valley form the core of what is placed in bottle.

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Embracing Virginia’s Terroir
by Richard Leahy
June 2, 2013

The wine regions of Virginia have taken a large chunck of center stage in the Eastern United States as grape varieties focus more to red Bordeaux selections with Sangiovese and Tannat in tow. Hightened attention in winery is bringing the most out of these plantings and these wines are gaining much acclaim. Cast in a more European style, finesse over raw power prevails.

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Shake Ridge Ranch - Gem of the Sierra
by Roger King
May 16, 2013

Ann Kraemer has created one of the most profound Sierra Foothills - Amador County vineyards outside of Sutter Creek and some of California's best winemakers are her Shake Ridge Ranch 100% vineyard designate clients.

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Q: What is an appellation?
An appellation is a winegrowing region with officially recognized boundaries. Appellation designations are required on wine labels to identify the origin of the grapes used in making the wine. Vineyard locations rather than winery locations determine appellation.

Because in North America we are in the process of defining our growing areas, there are two classes of appellations. Political boundaries (states, provinces and counties) are still used for some, but increasingly, appellations defined by geographic boundaries based on topography, climate and soil types are receiving government approval. These geographically based appellations are known as American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in the U.S. and Designated Viticultural Areas (DVAs) in Canada.

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Q: Where are the appellations?
Counting all classes of appellations there are 324 officially recognized wine growing regions in North America. Presently, in the U.S. there are 202 AVAs spread across 26 states, and 21 DVAs in Canada.

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Q: Looking for a grape variety?
In the U.S. and Canada, there are presently 341 grape varieties being grown for commercial wine production.

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Q: Looking for a winery?
There are presently 5529 commercial wineries in North America, with 2700 in California and the rest spread across the other 49 states and six Canadian provinces.

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Q: What wines can I buy?
Appellation America is your portal to buying 1723 distinctive wines directly from 190 wineries representing 76 appellations across North America.

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Q: Who’s writing about wine?
Internationally, there are countless wine scribes passionately writing about global wine related topics as well as more regionally focused issues. No matter where you are, there is likely someone to be covering the wine scene of your area.

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2010 Boxwood Trellis - Estate
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2009 Old Vine Zinfandel - Soucie Vineyard

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Boxwood Winery
2010 Boxwood - Estate
(Middleburg Virginia)

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Handley Cellars
2010 Chardonnay - Estate
(Anderson Valley)

750ml $22.00

Damiani Wine Cellars
2007 Cabernet Franc
(Finger Lakes)

750ml $23.00

Monticello Vineyards|Corley Family Napa Valley
2006 Corley Pinot Noir - Estate
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750ml $58.00

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