August Hill Winery
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August Hill Winery: winery information

Winemaker: Mark Wenzel

Mark holds an Engineering degree from the University of Florida. He has always had an interest in wine and has experimented making small batches through the years. When he discovered that French-hybrid grapes grow well in our climate, the concept for August Hill Winery was born. Mark began experimenting making wine from a variety of grapes grown in Illinois. He took viticulture (science of grape growing) and oenology (science of wine making) courses to broaden his knowledge. He also spoke to winemakers in Illinois and California, who were all very helpful in sharing their knowledge. He began plans to plant a vineyard, and with the help of many family and friends, August Hill Winery planted their first vines in 2003. August Hill Winery is growing many grape varieties in the vineyard to find out which grapes grow the best in the vineyard’s microclimate.

Annual Production: 2,600 cases

Estate Vineyard Acreage
3 acres

Grape Varieties Planted

Contact Information

August Hill Winery
106 Mill St.
Utica, IL  61373
United States

Phone: (815) 667-5211
Fax: (815) 667-5247