Vignoles | Ravat
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Varietal Character

Vignoles | Ravat
Vignoles | Ravat
As the spokesperson for the American chapter of “Grapes Living with Botrytis” you have impressed us with your style. When under the influence of this noble affliction your normally dry but engaging personality transforms into a gregarious character full of sweet and luxurious desires. You may be schizophrenic but we do like all your personas.

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Vignoles | Ravat Grape Details

Vignoles / Ravat (aka. Ravat 51)

Popular in northeastern and midwest regions of America, this white wine-producing hybrid produces an excellent dessert wine, especially when picked late. The fruit can develop very high sugar content while acidity remains high. Vines are hardy, with moderate vigor and productivity. Bud break is late, reducing the risk of spring freeze injury. Clusters are small, very compact and very susceptible to Botrytis bunch rot in humid conditions.

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Featured Vignoles | Ravat

Keuka Lake Vineyards 2008 Vignoles (Finger Lakes)
A complex medley of nectarine, lemon, and mint aromas complemented by a distinctive slate flavor and firm citrus acidity
buy wine $13.00
Montelle Winery 2007 Dry Vignoles (Augusta)

buy wine $16.43

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